Park Entrance
When you arrive at Scream Fields, head to the park entrance and join your time slot q line.
Follow in the footsteps of four foolhardy teenagers and step backstage in this dirty, rundown, decrepit circus full of carnies, clowns and oddities where you’ll feel the wrath of the Carny Code.
After recent protests outside his butchers, local butcher Bill Miller is inviting all anti-meat protestors to step blindly into his killing factory… hold tight to your friends or you’ll be next on his conveyor belt of death.
Fear Food
Park Opens at 5.15pm, Scare Mazes close at 10pm and the Scream Arena closes at 11pm – Ticket price starting at £24.00
Street Theatre
Park Opens at 5.15pm, Scare Mazes close at 11pm and the Scream Arena closes at 12am – Ticket price starting at £24.00
RIP VIP Entrance
This is the entrance you head to if you have purchased a RIP VIP Ticket to enjoy your private vip experience
Park Information Point
This is our information point. You will find our customer service team, first aid and helpful staff if you have lost a member of your party. You can also purchase fast track and unlimited access passes here.
Scream Arena
Jam packed with live music, entertainment, food and drink, The scream arena is the central hub of screams at Scream Fields
Blood Bath Bar
Servicing alcoholic beverages, soft drinks and anything to take the edge off the fear! Your gonna need it
The Reaping
Following another year of low crop yield, Isiah Krahn has taken to extreme measures to provide fruitful harvests, scattering the land with the blood of trespassers as a blood sacrifice to the devil himself.Break into the old Krahn farmhouse, but remember, there’s safety in numbers and you’re completely ALONE.
The Yard
After another messy Brexit no-deal, the country is more divided than ever… gone are the days of Remainers and Leavers, this is the age of the cooperative and uncooperative. Keep your heads down, step in line, or you’ll be on the first train to… The Yard!
Scare Fair
Take a break from the mazes and hit the ”Scare Fair” with a selection of extreme scare rides for you to enjoy *additional charge
We supply free on site parking, As you arrive our parking team will get you parked up and on your way to experience the screams.
Deep Rave
Sneak into the abandoned ‘Old Mercy Hospital’ for a rave that’s promised to be ‘the best night of your life’, which may be shorter than you hoped…. Get ready to Eat, Sleep, Rave and REST IN PEACE.
Zombie Scare Zone
New to scare mazes? Then test your scare factor in our Zombie Scare Zone, if you make it through alive, Your ready to hit the big boy scare mazes




Thornton Hall Country Park
Near Skipton
North Yorkshire
BD23 3TS